World Warriors 3: Nuclear Impact

The Idea

War sucks! 

Let's not have a World War part 3.

Instead, how about we have satirical representations of politicians fight each other in a classic 2D pixel art fighting game to reduce real life anger & violence?

The Creators

CLRCRS again teams up with their good friend Athos Kele (for Coding) from SharpAccent to work on yet another political satirical fighting game.

We delivered BundesFighter - a very similar game within a very short amount of time - Imagine what would be possible with a bigger budget, a bit more time and a community involved in contributing crazy ideas? Let's see?  (see this is a stage in Progress >)

The Kickstarter

So here' the idea. We put together an animated mockup in a week, created some concepts for moves & made some plans. Now what would we need to realize this project is YOUR SUPPORT :) 

Please Support Our Kickstarter HERE!