Sketchbook Art


A blank sketchbook bought in some old side-alley bookshop in Amsterdam started a series of ink drawings that try to capture the traveling adventures, memories, dreams & fun times the artist had. This small book kept him company in dark night & bright days in Amsterdam, London, Marseille, Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Port Grimaud, St.Tropez, Bibione, Vienna, Ljubljana, Bled, Trieste, Postojna, Berlin, Ibiza, Linz, Wels & Everywhere in-between. 


A replica of the sketchbook was made, but can only be found with luck online at eBay:
- 72 pages full of black and white sketches/illustrations 
- Printed on 130g, A5-sized (14,8 x 21 cm) classic demimatt paper 
- 300g Hardcover Paper 
- Limited to 100pieces 
- Came signed & numbered

Selected Works from "INSIDE"

Below are 4 selected spreads from the artist's sketchbook.