Escape from Weihnachten

It is Christmas time & you meet up with your family for dinner. 

Trapped with in your parents flat, you have only one goal: to get out! 

You rush to the entrance but find out that you are locked in. 

Ready for Christmas we (CLRCRS & our friend Athos Kele) joined forces with Browser Ballett again. 

This time we were tasked to create a humorous Point & Click Game that brings back fond memories of old classic games such as Monkey Island or Day of the Tentacle, while entertaining the player by finding a way out of yet another awkward Christmas family dinner. 

After a few work intense weeks later the game was released on Christmas day. 

You can enjoy the game online for free at:

Or download it here for

MAC or 


PS. The game is in German.

Talk to your father

Try to connect with your sister

Bottle your mother

Unwrap the gifts

Search Granny

Try new presents

After Schnaps all pants fly down

Sabotage the tree

Scatter Grandfather

Get Wasted

Try new ways out

Shoot the door?

Stir up trouble

Burn Granny 

How far would you go to get kicked out?

There's a lot to explore in the game, so we decided to leave out many surprises :)


Client: BohemianBrowserBallett 

Agency: SteinbergerSilberstein

Game Design, Art Direction & Animation: CLRCRS (Nino Werner)

Game Design, Programming, Technical Director: Athos Kele

Sound: Julian Cropp

Dialogue: SteinbergerSilberstein Team

Contributing Artists: Davide Giglio & Piotr Radecki