Pixel Art & Animation

Pixel Art 

is quite an unique art medium. 

In times of high definition 3D art that is sometimes close to being indistinguishable from real life, this special art form, that is deliberately working with limitations that spring from old capacities of outdated hardware, still manages to appeal to a huge & growing amount of people.

One of the reasons for that might be nostalgia, another that viewers can feel that each pixel is carefully & manually placed to create each artwork. 

We are experts at pixel art + pixel art animations and pride ourselves in being able to imitate about any pixel art style there is, so if you have an idea for a Game/ a Mock-Up, a Video you want to be created in this classic art-style, then be sure to contact us!

Michelangelo TMNT

A time-lapse of how we made this pixel portrait by our favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle: Michelangelo.

Carl Roush - Nickerchen Man 

An animated music video loop for musician Carl Roush's single "Nickerchen Man" (translated: Nap man) 

World Warriors 3: Nuclear Impact

War sucks! 

Let's not have a World War part 3.

Instead, how about we have satirical representations of politicians fight each other in a classic 2D pixel art fighting game to reduce real life anger & violence?

Pixel Tribute/ The Mighty Grand Piton

Wesley Louis from TheLine Animation made a short that touched our hearts. Here's a little tribute to this magnificent shortfilm

The Black Heart: Chaos Realm Teaser

The Black Heart is a free Mugen Game made by Andrés Borghi.Its first release is nearing its 10 year mark & since we are fans of the original game we imagined its sequel, remaking the artwork & updating some of the designs/ screens.Original Game, Original Character Designs, Stage Thumbnails + Title Theme by Andrés Borghi.

Childish Gambino - This Is America

Tribute piece that went viral. Enclosed a process time-lapse.

Time-lapse/ Stage

See how a stage for the World Warriors3 Mock-Up was made.

Time-lapse/ Grand Piton 

Watch how Grand Piton is carefully constructed for the Tribute Video you can watch above.

Time-lapse/ Stay Puft

Watch how the famous Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters is made with Pixel Art :)

Pixel Art TV Animation

A short Pixel Animation Visualizer.