#IWC Racing

Scholz&Friends tasked us with creating an easy & fun to play retro inspired racing game for IWC Schaffhausen x Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team.

We came up with a game design that requires the player to stay as close to the turquoise markers that are placed along the ideal racing line. By doing so the player gains & keeps maximum speed. 

The game was released a total of 2 seasons: 2021 & 2022 and new tracks were released on the day of the actual F1 race. 

This game was released within IWC's App, which you can find HERE

In 2021 you could play with Lewis Hamilton or Valtteri Bottas

In 2022 you could play with Lewis Hamilton or George Russel

Intro Animation Hamilton + Gameplay Video

Each driver has their own Intro Animation highlighting the IWC watches/ brand. 

Live Highscore 

Per race weekend one was in competition with all players online for the best live highscore, as well as earning points for the seasonal leaderboard. 

Registration/ Login

By creating an account a player could participated in the seasonal leaderboard.

Track Release

Each track was released on the actual F1 race day , creating an immersive experience for the player.

A total of 44 tracks were created for two seasons. 

Part of IWC App

The game was released for IWC's app. 

CLRCRS with their coding partner SharpAccent, were responsible for all the Pixel Art Games that you can see from 0:55 on. 


Co Game Direction + Art Lead/ 

Nino Werner (CLRCRS) 

Co Game Direction + Code/ 

Athos Kele (SharpAccent)


Nikos Ropaitis

Contributing Artists/ 

Davide Giglio, Piotr Radecki & Lorena Spelucin



Scholz & Friends 

Creative Director/

Jörg Waschescio

International Account Director/

Janin Brauer & Candice Owens

Account Management/ 

Janice Kretschmer & Isabel Liedl