BundesFighter 2 Turbo

BundesFighter 2 Turbo

is a retro pixel fighting game that could have been made at the height of popular Arcade game halls. Revive (good or bad) memories of the smell ofcold sweat, blister-filled fingers from playing all day and the thrill ofcompeting next to each other for the best High Score & its accompanyingLegendary Status earned. 

Download (Version 1.1)


PC      HERE


This time though, you won't need to “borrow“ cash from your elderly siblings, the „insert coin“ shown in the title screen is just a homage to these beloved times; Press "C" to start playing this game, designed & created by CLRCRS with the help of some friends.

You can play it online or download the PC or Mac Version here:


Viral Success

Beautifully made frame by frame pixel art, animated backgrounds and a tribute to fightinggames such as Street Fighter, King of Fighters & Darkstalkers made this game an instant internet success. Adding to that the satirical take on the leading political parties of Germany who are fighting for the voters grace in the election lead to international press/ online covering. 


as one of 6 characters that each have their own stages to fight on:

  • Angela Merkel (+ Stage Berlin)
  • Martin Schulz (+ Stage Würselen)
  • Alexander Gauland (+ Stage Dresden)
  • Sahra Wagenknecht (+ Stage Karl Marx City)
  • Christian Lindner (+ Stage Frankfurt)
  • Özdehardt (+ Stage Freiburg)

Each character has a unique set of moves & animations that define their gameplay while showing off rumored character traits & political agendas.

Read More about Bundesfigher & it's impact:



Client: BohemianBrowserBallett 

Agency: TurboKultur

Original Idea: SchleckySilberstein 

Game Design, Art Direction & Lead Animation: CLRCRS (Nino Werner)

Programming, Technical Director: Athos Kele

Sound: Julian Cropp

Contributing Artists: Balm, João Costa, Davide Giglio, Luke Stobie, Luis Chamat, Piotr Radecki, Lewis Cross, OmegaChaino, Animpocket, Steven Borgers, Diego Chavez, Temurei.